Bogdan Huma & Dragos Strat

Jaydess (Bayer) is a long term intrauterine contraceptive method.


Jaydess targets long term couples. Being an intrauterine device to be used for 3 years, this is a decision you’d take in a long-term relationship, with a partner offering all the emotional support.

Due to regulations, Bayer can not advertise the product directly. The solution was to create a platform to give women all the reasons to avoid complications associated with sex and to encourage long-term relationships (and the contraceptive products coming with it).

Relatii fara complicatii (Relations without complications)

“Without complications” doesn’t mean, as we might expect, sex outside the relationship. “Without complications” means sex in a stable relationship, with a partner you trust and who poses zero risks.

The platform emphasizes different levels of complications on a “Complication Scale” and presents a collection of characters and relationships covering the entire scale: making fun of the bizarre and hilarious ones and encouraging the most desirable; from maximum to zero complications.

You don’t have to bother with short-term relationships and unsafe partners anymore. Based on the scale, the platform directs women to long-term relationships, with zero complications and for which, long-term contraception is proper.

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